Andrew’s Bio

Andrew is an energetic video professional with a talent for post production. He is extremely versatile in his skill set which includes audio production, post production, videography and a keen eye for lighting and special effects. Andrew has worked for various TV networks over the years and is constantly sharpening his skill sets through his creative […]

Leah’s Bio

Leah is an extremely versatile member of the team, able to assist on set one day and then jump into the editing suite the next. She has a creative background both behind and in front of the camera, having acted, edited and been a production assistant on several independent films in the GTA. She is […]

Mike’s Bio

His entire life, Mike Soragnese has been driven to perform and engage audiences. He is a Creative Director/Producer with extensive hands on experience in video production, and isn’t afraid to get back in the edit suite or pick up a camera and go! With an honours degree in Sociology and nearly a decade of industry […]

Brad’s Bio

Brad brings close to a decade’s worth of experience writing for television – including work for CTV National News and TVO – as well as print and online platforms. He specializes in helping to bring a client’s message to life in a way that engages and entertains audiences. A strong script is at the core […]