Andrew’s Bio

Andrew is an energetic video professional with a talent for post production. He is extremely versatile in his skill set which includes audio production, post production, videography and a keen eye for lighting and special effects. Andrew has worked for various TV networks over the years and is constantly sharpening his skill sets through his creative […]

Elyse’s Bio

Elyse is an event professional who has worked with many high profile clients, and has the ability to deliver on client objectives within budget and on schedule. For the past 10 years, Elyse has worked in experiential and event marketing. Her career began at The Globe and Mail in advertising, she quickly moved onto event […]

Mike’s Bio

His entire life, Mike Soragnese has been driven to perform and engage audiences. He is a Creative Director/Producer with extensive hands on experience in video production, and isn’t afraid to get back in the edit suite or pick up a camera and go! With an honours degree in Sociology and nearly a decade of industry […]

Brad’s Bio

Brad brings close to a decade’s worth of experience writing for television – including work for CTV National News and TVO – as well as print and online platforms. He specializes in helping to bring a client’s message to life in a way that engages and entertains audiences. A strong script is at the core […]